Have a little .... 
Flip-n-Fun Raiser  For Your Organization.
Did you know that while enjoying Bucks Counties Greatest Sandwiches and Shakes you could be raising funds for your non-profit organization?
Here is how it works:
It's called a "Flip-n-Fun Raiser Night at Fip City Shakes" and there's never been an easier way to have great food and fun while supporting your organization. 
First contact Flip City Shakes and determine a specific date for you event. Spread the word by using an approved flyer from Flip City Shakes.  Distribute the flyer to everyone who might be interested in helping your cause. 
On the night of the Flip-n-Fun Raiser, all they have to do is show up during your event time and present the flyer at the time of purchase. At the end of the event, Flip City Shakes total up all the sales and your group receives a donation based on the entire amount of sales made during that time! 
The more you promote it, the more people will support your cause, the more money your organization will raise! It's that easy! 
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